Monday, April 20, 2009

Patterned Paper Challenge

Create a fun LO using only patterned paper for your embellishment. You can either make embellishments out of PP or use multiple patterns and colours to create interest on your LO. Here is a quick example:

Of course, my scanner has yet again washed out the beautiful tones of the paper, and given me red face, but you get the idea. All of these were scraps pulled from my stash. I didn't have to cut up even one new piece to complete this LO, and it was super-quick to finish!

Time: Approx 15 min

Just For Fun

Yet another random LO of the kitties. I did this one up quickly last night. I finally got to use up some of my kitty stickers, ( I have WAY too many).
Time: Approx 25min

Friday, April 17, 2009

Fun with Patterned Paper

These are colours that I would have never used together in a million years. I'm quite proud of myself. On my continuing mission to eliminate a huge portion of my accumulated scrap pile, I developed a new process. I picked my background PP and then reached in blindly to my pile of large scraps ( the ones that are still 12" on one side are in a separate pile for easy access), and pulled out a piece of mystery paper.... the turquoise one with the white dots. It's difficult to tell on my photo, but the back ground PP is made up of tiny little dots for texture. So now I had a micro-pattern, and a smallish pattern. I looked through my neutral small scraps (I keep all my grey, black, and white scraps in the same container), to find a medium sized PP. The navy cardstock border was added to create some structure. I found the Queens & Co letters to pick up the polka dot pattern on the PP which was in a neutral colour to balance out the punch of colour from the all that turquoise. The letters also pull in the silver/grey from little fins shirt in the photo. Overall, I can't beleive the results and will keep this colour pallete on file for future boy LO's. The embellishment in the top left corner was found completely by accident when I was looking for something else. I've had it for ages! I added the buttons for some texture, and the doodling because... well lets face it... I LOVE doodling. It also picks up the doodled appearance of my medium PP. I decided to take a risk and journal directly on my background PP, how brave am I?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Recent Work

This was an SBS challenge over at SW put together by the lovely Mistra!
Another of Mistra's SBS challenges. Loads of fun.

This one I made up. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the background PP. It was part of my "splurge" from the sale over at Mad Scraps. IRL the red paper with the journalling is actually orange. Not sure why the scanner didn't pick it up. Wierd.