Friday, April 30, 2010

So Precious To Me

I went to my very first class! My local scrap shop, The Paper Pickle hosted a LO class last Thursday. I was nervous at first. I love scrapping, but am not really at the level of some of the other women. After a few tense moments everyone started gabbing and all was good. This was an incredibly fiddly LO and took more time than I'm used to. Lots and lots of cutting! I'm very pleased with the results though. I'm glad I chose Sepia pictures to go with it. This particular LO was designed by Michelle - you can see more here.

These photo's are of my grandparents - my mothers parents. They have both passed, and I miss them terribly. This LO makes me smile and helps ease the loss. I chose several shots of them through out the years of their marriage ( almost 60 years!). Thanks to everyone at the shop for your inspiration. Thanks Michelle!

Vacation Confessions

I haven't been in the scrappy mood for quite some time and am struggling with my creative ability. When this happens... I head over to home and scrapped! I found this great challenge suggested by the lovely Kim. What a great way to capture random vacation moments... please ignore the boringness of the LO. I'm working on my scrapping mojo!

The journaling reads:

1. I believe this vacation has brought us closer together as a family.
2. Even with a manufactured tan, I will still get burnt in the Florida sun.
3. I want to be a snowbird if we ever have the good fortune to retire.
4. Pelicans are much scarier than they appear on television.
5. I have a fear of birds (see confession #4)
6. Moving walkways cause injury to the unwary (Austin has scars to prove it).
7. I really detest small airplanes.
8. 70 degrees Fahrenheit in Florida is not even close to 70 degrees F in Canada
9. It is possible for Jeff, Austin, and I to sleep on a pullout couch, although I have permanent dents in my rib cage from small, pointy, elbows and knees.
10. Austin doesn’t really like to fish… he likes to watch other people fish and gets tremendously excited when “he” catches something.
11. Dolphins are more majestic in the wild than they are in captivity.
12. Despite my love of roller coasters, some of them are really, really scary.
13. I can walk for 13 hours straight carrying a 9 year old child piggy-back.
14. Chirros are the most magically delicious thing I have ever eaten.
15. I do not understand the American obsession with giant smoked turkey legs. I find it gross to walk around with a giant piece of meat on the bone like a caveman.
16. Americans are not really as rude as TV makes them appear. In fact, most of them give better customer service than we have in Canada.
17. Real vacation is a book by the pool watching Jeff and Austin be Father and Son.
18. There really is such a thing as too much fast food.
19. It is possible to find a pair of comfortable flip flops that do not make that annoying sound.
20. Jeff can eat more crab than I ever thought possible.
21. I will remember this vacation forever.