Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Small Scrap Storage

Over at Scrap Witch, Josie Dean has issued a Use Your Stash challenge involving that gigantic box of small scraps we all have. She wanted us to sort, and organize our stash so it was accessable and easy to use, not to mention neat. Here is my effort:

I got these stackable bins for $1 each at Dollarama. I have sorted PP and cardstock by colour and made a bin for each colour. Black, white, and grey are together. This is the same system I use for my 12x12 shelf. I was hoping for something a little bigger, but these will work just nicely for any thing in the 6x9 range or smaller. All of my bigger scraps are in one large bin together and I save them for card making and 12x12 layouts.

I like the fact that I can now reach all of my scraps easily from my chair and can easily unstack the bins if I need to really search for something special. Originally I had them all in one large basket and was easily frustrated while searching for a specific print or colour. This should work out much better. Thanks Josie, and yes.... I will take the stickers off of the backs of the bins.... someday.

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Anonymous said...

Juliekins, you are amazing :)