Monday, February 9, 2009

Crazy Colour!

I don't often get to use my super-intense-bright letters and cardstock. I love bright colours, and I love the way they look together, but sometimes it's hard to use them without taking away from your photo's and journaling. Because my photo's were on the weak side, I chose to take advantage and go crazy with my other feautres and have some fun. I'm happy with the result... I got to scrap one of my favourite places, and use all of my fun stuff too. This is one of the challenges in We Dare You if you've managed to get hold of a copy, check it out.


Penny said...

Cool! I love this Jewels! Crazy colour is my fave kind!!!

Jewels said...

Hey Penny! I borrowed you're butterfly doodling from how does your garden grow, so cute!