Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Easy double LO

I try to save the programs for all of the shows we see. I like to pull bits and pieces out of them to use on my pages. For this LO, I didn't have many photos, but too much for just one page, so I did a double layout. I wanted to pull everything together a little closer to the center to make it look "fuller". By layering the cardstock I created simple borders for a nice quick "blocked" look. I kept them off center because everything just looked too "report-like" when I had them straight. Nice terminology I have eh? <---- for all of you non-canadians, that is the proper way to use the typical Canadian "eh" in a sentence. We don't actually say it everyother word (well, unless you're an east coaster eh?).


Josie Dean said...

Your scrapping up a storm! :) looking good! By the way I don't know about postage to you but here is a great site
I have brought some off them from Ebay! (sometimes thay have FREE postage!) you can also just order straight from them too! Just thought I would share!
Josie xx

Jewels said...

Thanks Josie! I just spent a bundle on Mistra's closing sale, but I''ll definitely keep them in mind for then next time I have a bit to spend.